Golf Today
was launched by Nexus Internet Limited in November 1996 with the site having 596 pages accessed by the end of the month. Currently the Golf Today Network has in excess of 1.4M pages accessed monthly by more than 290,000 unique visitors. At present the Network is in excess of 16,000 pages of information.

The Golf Today site was redesigned and relaunched in December 1998, at which time the page impressions were 125,000 per month. Due to the comprensive archiving system, the size of the site grew, with some of the areas developing particular significance. With this is mind, the Amateur Golf site was developed in January 1999, allowing this area of golf to be covered with more depth. This was closely followed by Golf Industry, Go Golf and GolfPro-Online, with the latest addition to the Golf Today Network being Golf Ecology.

The Golf Today Network has developed partnerships with sites such as NTL World and Line One and it was featured in the BT Interactive Area of the Millennium Dome, and has links from well known sites including The Electronic Telegraph